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Creating Equal Opportunities

for Financial Wellness

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financial literacy


for schools

Interactive books that move

beyond the classroom, building

learner's cornerstone skills

of money management.

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Life and Career

Readiness Skills

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Tactile Challenges for maximum attention

and retention

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Equal Opportunities

for financial literacy

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FiWe has developed innovative educational tools to teach financial literacy that are both tactile and unique, delivering a meaningful impact to young learners.

Hands on activities

Our resources are creatively designed to be easily implemented in a school setting or taught by a parent.


For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them. - Aristotle

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Implementation Options

& Resources

Structured lessons and hands-on resources make course implementation easy for any school.

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Teacher PD

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After school

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FiWe trainer led workshops

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Counting &

Using Money

Discover the world of money with this engaging lower elementary book! Students will learn to count money, use it for shopping, and apply time concepts to the art of saving.

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Intro to

Savings & Wealth

Join the adventure with this cool book for upper elementary! Students will learn about the barter system, budgeting, saving, banks, & interest in a simple & interesting way.

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Embark on an entrepreneurial adventure as students operate a lemonade stand, mastering concepts of profit, loss, assets, liabilities, and crafting a business plan in this insightful book.

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Managing Money

Unlock the essentials of money management in this middle school book, where students will explore the ABCs of savings, budgeting, banking, and even get a peek into the world of credit.



to Investing

Start on a rewarding journey into the world of investing during teenage years with this thoughtfully created course, designed to provide students with essential knowledge to navigate the investing world confidently.

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Financially literate parents, Money-smart kids!

Parental financial literacy is vital for instilling strong money management skills in children. Parental guidance in financial matters equips children to make wise decisions and create a solid foundation for their financial future.

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What is your state's

Financial Literacy grade?

Download full report

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Some experiences

straight from the classrooms

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NY City Middle School Learn the Basics Program
NY City Elementary Schools Piggy Saves the Money Program
Barbados High Schools Teens Who Invest
Barbados Elementary Schools Piggy Saves the Money Program
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Student Feedback

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All things financial literacy

Explore our

"All Things Financial Literacy" page for our latest feature. We cover essential financial

literacy topics every few weeks.

From Piggy Banks to Prosperity:

Financial Wisdom

in Elementary School

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the Creator

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Tanu Rishi, CFA

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Tanu has spent over a decade building a successful career in banking and finance. Her diverse work experience has provided her with unique opportunities to work with some of the savviest minds in the industry. She has been helping people make critical financial decisions by teaching them the basics of money management for the past several years. She was able to combine her understanding of people's mindsets with her industry experience to develop engaging content. By combining her creative storytelling abilities with her knowledge of finance, Tanu has transformed a seemingly dull topic into an exciting and enjoyable learning experience.

Tanu has an MBA in Finance and is a CFA Charterholder. She lives in New York City.

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The idea for FiWe originated from an effort to write a paper on financial literacy for a business journal. Tanu noticed that her friends and family frequently made financial mistakes, and she wanted to understand why this was a common occurrence across different ages, professions, and locations. Her research showed a glaring absence of education on money management, leading to poor personal finance skills. The paper remains unfinished however FiWe has taken a life of its own to educate the young to bring equal opportunities for financial wellness.

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Implementation Partners for NYC Schools
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A Social Entrepreneurship Company

Digital on-demand printing services for books and resources for special requests available.

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Wealth Equality begins with Financial Literacy
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